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Creative Production Lead

Full Time

About the job

The Creative Production Lead (CPL) is responsible for the design elements of all Nexus resources and experience, and has primary ownership of the Nexus brand image at the New York University School of Professional Studies (SPS) and beyond. As the designer-in-chief, the CPL supervises a team of designers to ensure all Nexus assets communicate our commitment to learning, teaching, and educational innovation. The CPL also oversees a range activities to ensure visual and ideological alignment across Nexus products (e.g., websites, media, guides) and services (e.g., workshops, seminars, trainings). Additionally, the CPL develops frameworks and implements processes that enable Nexus patrons to produce a range of educational materials that are coherent and clear. 

As an innovation enabler committed to learning, the CPL builds an environment that values collaboration, dialogue, and learner experience. The CPL works closely with the Director of Research and Development, and the Technology Lead to continuously improve user interfaces and experiences on Nexus online resources. The CPL also works closely with the Director of Operations and Learning and the Service Design Lead to create a consistent and engaging visual aesthetic for all Nexus resources and services. Additionally, the CPL is an excellent communicator who applies best design principles and practices to mentor and train junior staff members, and improve team performance.


Current Required Education 

  • Bachelor's degree in Design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), or related field or equivalent practical experience.

Current Required Experience

  • 5+ years experience leading and building a creative team to produce interfaces and designs for resources, experiences, and services in the learning domain. 

  • Experience collaborating with senior administrators, designers, developers, and educators to provide creative, thoughtful solutions. 

  • Experience generating data insights and integrating user feedback and business requirements into product updates and user experience refinements. 

Current Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

  • User centered design methods

  • Wireframes, flow diagrams, storyboards, mockups, and/or high fidelity prototypes

  • Industry design tools (e.g., Sketch, InVision, Overflow, Adobe Creative Cloud)

To apply, please send your resume/CV and cover letter to
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