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Educational Best Practices in the Metaverse

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

On June 28, 2022, the Brookings Institution hosted a virtual event on educational best practices in the "Metaverse." Co-hosted by the Yidan Prize Foundation, experts from MIT, Roblox, the Brookings Institution and Project Rangeet, discussed how the "Metaverse" will (and will not) impact schools.

Here are some key points I found interesting:

1. Students, (especially younger children), need to have human interaction. There is no substitute for this since we are social beings.

2. The developers of the Metaverse will need to use communal collaboration with educators and practitioners. Experts in each field of study should be a part of building the content.

3. It is important for the experiences to have depth and some kind of tangible "currency" or results. The speaker used AP courses as an example of real results.

4. Inclusivity is important from front end to back end. There can be a negative impact on student self-esteem (as we see on current social media platforms).

Learn more about the Brookings report that motivated the event here.



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