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Play.HT - AI-Powered Text to Voice Generator

Text to voice generated audio usually does not sound like a real person. It sounds just robotic enough for it to be off-putting. This generally occurs when the tool is free and too simplistic resulting in something easy to use but lower in quality. Play.HT however offers extremely high quality text to voice generated audio files and it is extremely intuitive.

Play.HT offers a variety of features but the most notable ones are the voice cloning and existing AI voices library. Having used multiple Voice AI software, Play.HT is has produced the closest copy of a person's voice by only uploading a 30 second audio file. There has been other Voice AI software that requires a 1 hour audio file and cloned a lower quality AI voice.

Play.HT's editing dashboard allows users to edit the text to voice generated audio file by allowing the user to break up the script into individual paragraphs, sentences or even words which allows for more control from the user's end. The user is able to regenerate specific portions of the audio file if the Voice AI is not perfect and change the speed of which sentences are read aloud. While most Voice AI softwares generates a single audio file for the entire script and requires the user to use external third party tools to edit the audio file, being able to do all the editing in the dashboard before exporting the whole script makes it extremely easy to customize.

Play.HT is free for up to one cloned voice, 5000 word script and around 100 stock ai voices to use but for $5.40/month, you can get up to 5 instant cloned voices, 120,000 words per year and 800+ stock ai voices with hundreds of languages and moods.

Play.HT is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The cloned voices sound realistically and the editing on the dashboard allows for a lot more customization to create a realistic sounding text to voice generated audio clip.


- Realistic AI voices

- Easy to use and intuitive interface and editing dashboard

- Cloning voice requires uploading a 30 second audio file

- 800+ stock AI voices plus 130+ languages to choose from

- Low monthly cost for the value


- Certain languages may not have the best pronunciation or specific regional dialects

Bottom Line

Play.HT was able to clone and produce a realistic sounding AI voice from a 30 second audio file. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate and the editing dashboard allowed me to customize the audio file with very little effort.



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