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Arkio is a collaborative design tool that enables you to sketch buildings, interiors or urban plans with others using VR, desktops, tablets and phones.

Arkio is a collaborative design tool that enables you to sketch buildings, interiors or urban plans with others using VR, desktops, tablets and phones.

Design by yourself or work with up to 24 people to make better design decisions faster. Create buildings, virtual cityscapes, Unity scenes with triggers and colliders, remodel your kitchen or review existing 3D models.

Work in VR or use Arkio’s passthrough support to blend the real and virtual world like never before. Create walls, place virtual furniture or create portal windows from the real world into the VR world beyond.

Arkio features a unique volumetric modeling kernel built for VR and mobile devices, making the modeling experience feel closer to physical model-making than traditional 3D apps.

In Arkio you can either start fresh or import reference images, 3D models and scenes from Unity, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, LiDAR apps and more. Easily create new design options in Arkio then export your work back.



Creativity & Design, Productivity, Utilities

Use Case:

Real Estate

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App Details


Supports Quest, Quest 2

Internet Connection:

Internet connection not required

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

March 31, 2022

Space Required:

252 MB




Arkio is a VR tool with an emphasis on sketching 3d architectural designs and collaboration with others. Rather than being bogged down with incredibly complex menus and a steep learning curve, Arkio’s strength is how fast and easy a user can create and share their ideas.

Arkio’s controls, although plentiful, are not difficult to learn and everything can be found on the wrist of your virtual left hand. It took me very little time to get used to the controls and before long, I was naturally navigating the menus. Twisting your left hand will bring up the menus and users can reposition the menu widgets anywhere on the screen to their preference. Simplicity in how users can select a shape, rotate, scale, rearrange while having objects snap into location makes it easy for new users while not limiting to those more knowledgeable with the features. 

Arkio’s virtual world consists of a worktable where you build your model building and you are provided with a number of building materials and textures that can be applied to your creations. Simple tree and people models allow you to populate your designs and at any time you can enter your own creations in true 1:1 scale and even change the time of day to view the design with a different light source. 

Arkio has a free version where you can start modeling immediately, upload small texture files and even invite other users to view your designs. Arkio’s paid subscription allows up to 24 users to contribute to a design and allows for larger files to be uploaded and can be exported to larger selection of commonly supported formats such as Unity. 

Arkio's simplicity makes it fast to pick up and start learning which ultimately makes the experience more enjoyable when not struggling with the controls or menus. The Free version will allow users to create and share even the most complex designs while the paid version is more suited for professional or aspiring architects and designers where the collaborative experience is necessary. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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