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Hand Physics Lab

Discover the unique universe of Hand Physics Lab where you will need to fulfill a variety of tasks and puzzles with nothing but your hands!

Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences!

Discover the unique universe of Hand Physics Lab where you will need to fulfill a variety of tasks and puzzles with nothing but your hands!

You will go through more than 80 different puzzles and experiences to unlock multiple playgrounds where you will have full freedom to draw, build and play!

From painting eggs with your fingers, building cube towers, using magnets and telekinesis, shaking hands with your clone, petting a virtual cat, and so much more!

You will definitely put your hands in action!

**Fully playable with hand tracking and/or touch controllers**


The quality of your experience when using hand tracking will heavily depend on your lighting conditions. Please read the guidelines (in-game) on how to optimize your play space for best hand tracking conditions.



Casual, Puzzle, Simulation

Use Case:

Social Science

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App Details


Supports Quest, Quest 2

Internet Connection:

Internet connection not required

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

April 1, 2021

Space Required:

596 MB




Hand Physics Lab is a VR app that has set itself apart by focusing on hand-tracking technology. With over 80 levels of puzzles, ranging from simple tasks like pressing a button to more complex challenges like maneuvering a cube through a series of hollow tubes, the game provides hours of immersive gameplay.

One of the biggest strengths of Hand Physics Lab is the level of interaction it allows with virtual objects. Players can use their hands to grasp, hold, and manipulate objects in the game, making the experience feel more realistic and engaging. Despite some hardware limitations that can cause slight jitters or changes in input fidelity with Oculus devices, the interaction with objects in the game is generally smooth and satisfying.

Another highlight of Hand Physics Lab is the unlockable sandbox mode. After completing enough levels, players can enter a mode where they can experiment with the various objects and mechanics in the game. This mode allows for even more creative and experimental gameplay, adding to the already impressive level of replayability.

Hand Physics Lab is a must-try for VR puzzle enthusiasts. With its emphasis on hand-tracking technology and its impressive level of interaction with virtual objects, the game provides a unique and satisfying experience that sets it apart from other VR puzzle games. The 80 levels of puzzles and the unlockable sandbox mode add to the overall value of the app, making it a great investment for anyone looking for an engaging and immersive VR puzzle game.

Rating: 3.5/5

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