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I Am A Man

The VR experience allows one to literally walk in the shoes of the people who fought for freedom and equality during the civil rights era.

The “I Am A Man VR Experience” gives people an experience of history in a way that provides a better and more personal understanding of the struggles of these marginalized people. The VR experience allows one to literally walk in the shoes of the people who fought for freedom and equality during the civil rights era. Most importantly, this project gives users a deeper awareness of their struggle. Using historical film and photographs, along with voice narrations of actual Civil Rights participants, the project falls along the lines of a new type of interactive-documentary experience.



360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Narrative

Use Case:

Social Science

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App Details


Supports Rift, Rift S

Internet Connection:

Internet connection not required

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

April 30, 2018

Space Required:

3.1 GB




“I am a Man" Review: A Powerful VR Experience of the Civil Rights Movement

"I am a Man" is a free VR experience that provides a glimpse into the tumultuous time period of the Civil Rights Movement. The experience starts off during the 1968 Sanitation Workers Strike and leads up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. What makes this VR experience stand out is its deliberate choice to give the user a pair of "black hands," which is different from the traditional transparent hands typically used in VR. This simple but effective change immediately immerses the user in the experience, making it more visceral and personal.

"I am a Man" is broken down into specific chapters, each one teaching the user about different aspects of the Civil Rights Movement. The first chapter provides a historical context about how black people were forced into and kept at the lowest-paying jobs compared to white people. Each episode has a virtual world where users can interact with and explore. There is usually some sort of historical TV broadcast or radio playing in the background that the user can watch and listen to, adding to the overall immersion and historical accuracy of the experience.

One of the most impactful scenes in "I am a Man" has the user be part of a strike, wearing the "I am a Man" sign while being harassed by onlookers. This scene effectively portrays the struggles that were faced by black communities during this time period, and it serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made since then.

Overall, "I am a Man" does an excellent job at retelling a tumultuous part of American history. The VR experience effectively depicts the struggles and injustices faced by black communities during the Civil Rights Movement. The use of the "black hands" adds a layer of immersion that makes the experience feel more personal and impactful. If you're interested in learning more about this pivotal moment in American history, "I am a Man" is definitely worth checking out and can be finished very easily in one single sitting.

Rating: 5/5

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