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Graduate Student Assistant

Part Time

About the job

The Learning and Teaching Nexus (Nexus) at the School of Professional Studies is hiring NYU Graduate Student Assistants to support Nexus colleagues in designing, developing, and assessing learning opportunities to support the work of NYU SPS faculty and advance the NYU SPS Learning Ecosystem.

Nexus colleagues will mentor NYU Graduate Student Assistants to support one of the five (5) Learning and Teaching Nexus (Nexus) work groups:

  1. Service - Provide support for educational technologies.

  2. Learning Experience - Create educational opportunities to advance teaching.

  3. Technology - Implement software as a service (SaaS) solutions to enhance learning and teaching.

  4. Research - Evaluate tools, resources, processes, and operations.

  5. Production - Create consistent and engaging visual aesthetics for Nexus resources/services.


General Qualifications (at least two of the following)

  • Customer service/success team experience

  • Experience working on an engineering team or software development project

  • Experience producing interfaces and designs for resources, experiences, and services in the learning domain

  • Experience building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale

  • Services and product delivery

  • Strong writing, communication, and organizational skills

  • Curation of educational resources and collections to enhance learning opportunities

  • Analysis of large-scale data

  • Demonstrated a history of creativity and innovation

  • Experience in a research and development setting or educational start-up

Specific Qualifications (at least one of the following)

  • Customer/client support

  • Learning Management Systems

  • Learning Experience Design

  • Advanced data analysis skills

  • Industry design tools (e.g., Sketch, InVision, Overflow, Adobe Creative Cloud). - Web development

  • Object-oriented programming

  • Continuous integration/testing/deployment

To apply, please send your resume/CV and cover letter to
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