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Browse the resources below for guidance on a range of topics related to teaching and learning. 

Creating Your Course Site

Design a learner-centered course site in NYU Brightspace.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Learn how to implement the three elements of UDL into your course design.

Creating Quizzes in NYU Brightspace

Learn how to use the quiz tool in NYU Brightspace.

Syllabus Templates

Create a learner-centered syllabus.

Teaching with NYU Zoom

Learn NYU Zoom features to enhance your students’ learning experiences.

Setting up Your Gradebook

Automate the calculation of student grades in NYU Brightspace.


Implement rubrics to communicate and clarify your expectations for student work.

SPS Adjunct Onboarding

Access key information related to adjunct onboarding.

Inclusive Learning Environments

Learn about inclusive instructional practices to support all learners in the classroom.

Engagement Tools in NYU Brightspace

Foster student engagement and interaction using NYU Brightspace.

Data and Analytics

Explore the Class Progress and Content Reports tools in NYU Brightspace.

SPS Academic Leadership

Get to know your Academic Director, Academic Community of Practice Coordinator, and program support staff.

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