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Exploring 181 Mercer - NYU's Latest Education Hub

Creating enriching learning environments for students is at the forefront of NYU's mission. This commitment is evident in the development of the John A. Paulson Center at 181 Mercer Street. Recently, my NEXUS colleagues and I took a tour of this innovative learning environment. Check out some of the highlights below.

Flexible Classroom Designs

Faculty can choose from various room configurations, allowing them to tailor the space to their specific teaching needs (Edwards, 2021).

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

I found the technological infrastructure in the classrooms to be supportive of collaborative and active learning (Brown & Long, 2006).

Communal Spaces

The Paulson Center includes:

  • 58 classrooms

  • A 350-seat theatre

  • Studios

  • Rehearsal rooms

  • Music instruction and practice rooms

The different types of spaces not only support formal and informal learning but also community building.

To learn more about the John A. Paulson Center at 181 Mercer Street, read, "What’s inside NYU’s $1.2 billion Paulson Center" from Washington Square News.


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