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NYC Summer of Games

NYC Summer of Games, a citywide celebration of the digital games community, will run from June to September 2023. It features events, tournaments, workshops, and programs across all five boroughs. The initiative is part of Mayor Adams' "Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City's Economic Recovery" plan.

The 'Made in NY' initiative, run out of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, promotes the City's critical role in revolutionizing the digital games industry. The program provides an opportunity for digital games made in NYC to receive free marketing and advertising in front of the five million daily viewers of NYC Media. Here are some of the highlights:

Games for Change (July 14-21, 2023)

The G4C Summit is a first-of-its-kind event at the United Nations Headquarters. The Summit brings together a variety of leaders from different industries to discuss how games and XR can support UN Sustainable Development Goals. It includes the two-day Games for Change Festival, exploring the power of games and immersive media, and the XR for Change Summit, exploring socially innovative immersive experiences.

Play NYC (August 5-6, 2023)

Play NYC is an annual two-day in-person convention held in New York City, where attendees can experience a variety of games from both well-known studios and independent developers, and meet the creators behind them. Additionally, a four-school Esports Valorant Competition hosted by the Harlem Gallery of Science and the City College of New York will be taking place, with the tournament being broadcast on Twitch.TV.

Game Devs of Color Expo (September 27-30, 2023)

The Game Devs of Color Expo is a platform to celebrate and promote the work of people of color in the gaming industry and to make the industry more inclusive and equitable.

Attending NYC Summer of Games events, such as the Games for Change Summit, Play NYC convention, and Game Devs of Color Expo, would be beneficial for those not only interested in learning about using games for learning but also an understanding of the industry. These events offer networking, educational opportunities, and insights into the gaming industry, as well as an opportunity to explore the potential of games and virtual reality in addressing global challenges and promoting inclusivity within the industry.



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