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The NYU LaGuardia Student Technology Center

Last week the Nexus team visited the LaGuardia Student Technology Center and Computer Lab. The Center recently reopened and has a totally new and updated space.

LaGuardia STC is a technology-rich physical space that facilitates collaboration, creativity, and fun for all NYU students.

LaGuardia STC has computer stations, an open space to host events and game nights, a gaming lounge, recording studios for podcasting and producing digital content as well as an entire floor dedicated to gaming. They also have a section for printing services where one can get anything from a postcard to a movie poster printed.

With devices like the HTC Hive, Oculus Quest, XBOX ONE, and PlayStation 4, the space is a gamers delight. It also has VR services that are currently open by appointment only. Visitors can use the gaming consoles and VR equipment for academic and personal projects. The VR headsets are wireless and specifically installed to meet accessibility standards and can be moved around the space effortlessly.

This space while being extremely collaborative can also serve as a quiet abode for study sessions and project work. With study rooms and classrooms available on site, one is able to book these spaces in advance and can spend time with their books in peace.

Professors can encourage their students to make use of this space as per their needs. Moreover, I recommend faculty teaching on campus to consider using this space for conducting their classes, especially when exploring topics like media studies, social media marketing, or experiential media for a completely immersive experience for their students. If you need more information on LaGuardia STC, feel free to visit their page and reach out to them for questions on booking, availability, and accessibility.

With a friendly vibe and pieces of equipment that are cutting edge, this space is a delight to be in. My favorite corner? A mini library space where one can pick up and drop their books for completely free. LaGuardia also hosts a multitude of events on a regular basis to engage students. This becomes a great place to meet and make new friends in the city, especially for first-year students. Also, do not forget to check out their upcoming events on their web page. I am really looking forward to the Cosplay meetup scheduled for Sept 6, 2023.

It was refreshing to see changes in the way we are exploring spaces that foster holistic learning amongst students.



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