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The NYU SPS AI Forum: Tech and the Future of Work

Today marks the start of the NYU SPS AI Forum, a weeklong discussion of AI and its implications across multiple sectors. Hosted by the SPS Emerging Technology Collaborative, this event features a variety of speakers from industry and academia.

The inaugural session offered a glimpse into a week of insightful dialogues. Marc Beckman, taking the lead, set the stage for in-depth discussions about AI's potential. Beckman kicked off the week with a call to the group:

“Think about our group, our collective, as not just a standalone event, but the beginning of a community at NYU that’s ongoing.”

Next up was Clyde Vanel, Assemblyman from New York’s 33rd District in Queens. Vanel gained attention earlier this Summer for introducing legislation that was researched and co-authored by Auto-GPT (a product based on ChatGPT APIs). His discussion with Beckman centered around a cautious but steady approach to technology adoption, highlighting a need for balance.

When asked his advice to future leaders regarding the use of AI, Vanel stated:

“Wrestle with it. Use it, break it, figure it out. Use these different systems.”
Clyde Vanel, an Assemblyman from Queens, sits on a stage across from Marc Beckman, an NYU Adjunct Faculty and marketing professional. They discuss AI's role in society and government. There is a crowd in front of them. There are projector screens to either side of their stage, showing a livestream of their discussion.
Clyde Vanel (left) discusses AI with Marc Beckman (right).

Chris Gardner, today's final speaker, brought an artistic perspective into the mix. An accomplished artist and creative professional, Gardner showcased AI's creative potential through Midjourney. His presentation emphasized that the use of these tools will lead to more creative output than ever before, echoing what Beckman calls the "Age of Imagination."

As the week unfolds, the NYU SPS AI Forum will continue with an array of sessions, workshops, and dialogues spotlighting AI's versatility. From ethical considerations to entrepreneurial insights, from code to creativity, the event caters to a diverse audience eager to embrace AI's multifaceted evolution.

In a world of rapid technological strides, we increasingly need discussions like those at the AI Forum, both to understand what’s possible and to coalesce on responsible uses of emerging technologies.

For those who missed the live session, you can find a recording and live-streams of the week on the SPS Emerging Technology Collaboration’s Youtube Channel. And please keep an eye on the NYU SPS AI Forum website for more information.

The schedule for the rest of the week holds a lot of promising discussions as top minds discuss the use of AI for work and education. Please see the schedule to find out more about the speakers.



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