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The Smithsonian’s National Education Summit Returns

Teacher working with student

The Smithsonian recently announced the return of their annual National Education Summit. This year, the three-day event will be hosted from July 18th to July 20th. It is free and primarily virtual. The theme for this summit is “Together We Thrive: Fostering a Sense of Belonging,” and focused on groundbreaking research surrounding the importance of communal learning (Berger, 2022).

This year’s keynote features esteemed speakers, including Smithsonian leader, Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch, III, and 2023 National Teacher of the Year Winner, Rebecka Peterson. The event is also host to a variety of sessions, where attendees can learn from leading educational researchers and advocates such as Dr. Pamela Cantor and Ed Magee. The Smithsonian’s Summit features four unique programming tracks: Life on a Sustainable Planet, STEAM Education, Reckoning with Our Racial Past, and An Integrated Arts Education. Each of these tracks have subject-expert presenters, so there are sessions for every interested educator!

Although the target audience for the Summit is primarily K-12, those working in the higher education sector may find the sessions on cutting edge educational research insightful.

Click here to register and learn more about this exciting event. After registering, attendees can build their own schedules, further personalizing the summit experience to best fit each educator.


Berger, R. (2022, December 24). Communal Education Is Connecting Consumers To Learning. Forbes.



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