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Homestar VR: Special Edition

· Full Celestial Planetarium -starry sky extends right down to your feet.

1.This title is 'HomestarVR' SPECIAL EDTION (special specification).

2.This title supports the "play while lying down" function. You can watch the stars more comfortably while relaxing on the sofa or reclining seat!

3.The narration of the planetarium uses very famous voice actors in Japan (Jun Fukuyama, Sayaka Ohara, Donna Burke)

4.A new appreciation program has been added to the planetarium mode.

5.A famous starry sky spot has been added to 'Starry Sky Selection'.


· Full Celestial Planetarium -starry sky extends right down to your feet

· Experience a sense of depth and feeling of immersion only possible with VR

· Reproduces an accurate sky based on NASA data

· Recreate what the starry sky was like on your birthday or special anniversary

· See selected locales famous for their starry skies with VR

· Scenery of the wonderful Milky Way that spreads out before you

· Somewhere in the 'Starry Sky Selection' where aurora appears



Education, Space & Universe

Use Case:


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App Details


Supports Quest, Quest 2

Internet Connection:

Internet connection not required

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

October 12, 2020

Space Required:

538 MB


English, Japanese

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