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Kooring VR Coding Adventure

Let’s ride the Blockstar and go on a journey to the Coding World. Help Kooring catch the troubled Tooring in the beautiful Block World! Having fun playing block coding fosters logical thinking and creativity. The Highest Level of Immersion Brings The Highest Learning Effect!


The best way to learn problem solving, having fun! It has been proven that the students could develop problem solving skills in the class.


Help Kooring get to the goal through the 3 different planets!

1. Plan Code

Place the code blocks and help Kooring get to the goal.

2. Run Code

The code blocks will tell Kooring what to do and how to arrive the goal.

3. Debug Code

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Kooring will give you a clue.

Let's play the award winning VR application!

Game Play

1) Select a planet, then select the stage. Stages must be conducted in order.

2) Using the ice cream cone, which can be freely rotated and viewed at 360 degrees, check the path to KOORING and code using the right controller.

3) Check the coding results through simulation and complete the stage with the help of KOORING.

Key Features

  • Learning Mate

    • Consolation and cheering, even when it's difficult! From the beginning to the end of learning, Kooring will be there for you as a wonderful learning partner.

  • Storytelling

    • Double the fun with the comical behavior of your characters! Improve your concentration of learning with cartoon-like stories.

  • VR Debugging Learning System

    • From easy to difficult! A step by step system which focuses on systematic concepts through incremental repetitive learning.



Casual, Indie, Education

Use Case:


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App Details


Index, Vive, Rift

Internet Connection:

Internet connection required for downloadable contents

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

August 1, 2020

Space Required:

2.0 GB


English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese

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