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A museum in Madrid, a back alley from Tokyo, a famous street in Havana...

A museum in Madrid, a back alley from Tokyo, a famous street in Havana...

You will enjoy the real approach of traveling in VR. Discover amazing places around the world captured in breathtaking quality through scanning methods.

Be amazed by each place, walk through it, interact with the environment and immerse yourself in the ultimate VR travel experience. You'll be there!

The list of available places will be updated soon.



Travel & Exploration

Use Case:


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App Details


Supports Quest, Quest 2

Internet Connection:

Internet connection required for downloadable contents

Game Mode

Single User

Release Date

January 20, 2022

Space Required:

2.2 GB




OtherSight is a unique VR experience that allows users to explore highly-detailed environments like a back alley in Japan or a street in Havana. 

Unlike other VR games that have numerous environments, OtherSight has a smaller selection of environments that are larger and more detailed. The central hub where you choose the locations to visit is a museum-like room with trinkets and curios that represent the locations you can visit.

The game's strength is its ability to capture and recreate environments at a higher fidelity than other VR games, with few lower quality areas that break immersion. The interior locations are especially impressive. The game also features a tour guide who narrates as you explore, adding to the immersive experience compared to more traditional text based information. 

While the game lacks traditional gameplay mechanics, its strength lies in its ability to provide a highly detailed and immersive experience that allows users to explore and learn about different cultures and environments. Overall, OtherSight is a worthwhile experience for VR enthusiasts who want to explore highly-detailed and realistic environments.

Rating: 4.5/5

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